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The Western European country of Belgium is known for many things. From medieval towns to Renaissance and Gothic buildings. It is also the main hub of the European Union, showing its striking political and economic structure. Belgium is grounded in its multicultural roots, with its Dutch speaking north, French speaking south and German speaking east, it truly is home to multilingual communities. Belgium is home to many fascinating cities and towns which all have something different to offer. Whether you choose to visit Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp or maybe even Bruges, there is so much to enjoy in this European marvel.

The capital of Brussels has some beautiful sights to see, including picturesque squares and buildings. The Grand Place should be at the top of anyone’s list, it’s the city’s large square which is surrounded by wonderful architecture which will take you back in time, some of them date back to the 14th-century. It’s a wonderful place to explore during the night time as the buildings which encircle the square are lit up and really makes this beautiful square.

Bruges is another quaint and charming city in Belgium, which attracts many tourists due to its great sites and Christmas markets. Visit Markt which is the city’s market square which like Brussels, has many historical buildings surrounding it. It’s a great place to bag a bargain with nice little gifts, or even just to have a walk around and admire the stark architecture.

Antwerp is a big city in Belgium, in fact it is the most populous in the country. It’s located on the River Scheldt and is very close to the Dutch border. Antwerp is home to one of the biggest ports in the world, ranking 2nd within Europe and hitting the top 20 globally. It is a multicultural city which boasts stunning cathedrals and museums. When in Antwerp, take a visit to Museum aan de Stroom, situated along the River Scheldt, it is the largest museum in Antwerp and is quite a recent cultural landmark, opening in 2011. Here, you can learn a whole lot more about the city of Antwerp.