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A historic country in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic boasts everything from fairytale castles to medieval towns, elegant spa resorts to scenic national parks. And let’s not forget this is also the birthplace of some of the world's finest beer! The Czech Republic’s capital is the culture-filled Prague, with the iconic castle as its centre piece. If you find yourself on a cheap holiday to Prague there is plenty to see including the spa resort of Karlovy Vary, Karlštejn and Konopište castles, and the historic towns of Melník and Kutná Hora all a stones throw away.

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The city of Prague has a rich history dating back over a thousand years. During this time many famous civilisations have passed through its walls, from its inception as the centre of the Holy Roman Empire to being proclaimed the new capital of the Czech Republic when Czechoslovakia was reformed. With a huge castle bigger than most towns and a gothic spire skyline, it’s not surprising that the historic centre of Prague has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.